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How to register trademark in China?

2017-03-13 15:34:29



I Importance of Trademark Registration in China

a)     Be easy to identify the  provider of the products or service.

b)     A condition  for health inspection, quality inspection and bar code.

c)     A condition for official authorized in Wechat and Microblog

d)     A condition for settled in Tian Mao, Jingdong and such E-commerce.

e)     Prevent the identification or name of product and service be stolen.

f)      Establish the value of the enterprise brand to form invisible asset.

g)     Improve the effect of publicity and promotion for the enterprise brand.


II Reminder of the Service and Regulation

a)     It is unavoidable blank period within 2 months before the trademark similarity inquire. But In practice, the probability of occurrence is extremely small

b)     Trademark registration is by manual review of the Trademark Office subject to a certain degree of subjective and objective factors, so the success rate of trademark registration is not 100%, we will promptly feedback the registration progress of the trademark.

c)     Limit 10 products or services in a category. If beyond 10 products or services, charge 200RMB per added items.

d)     The validity of trademark registration is 10 years from the date of approved registration.

e)     The planning trademark registration doesn’t submit the application until we have agreed with customer.

f)      By now, this service does not support refunds.


III Required Material

a)     Identify Certificate of the applicant(ID card or Business License)

b)     Sign the Trademark Proxy

c)     Provide the pattern of the trademark.


IV Procedure of the Service

a)     Trademark inquire

b)     Pay the order

c)     Apply registration

d)     Report its schedule

e)     Finish the service


V Handling Procedure of the Trademark Office

a)     Submit the application

b)     Form examination

c)     Notice of the acceptance

d)     Substantive examination

e)     Announcement of first trial

f)      Announcement of registration

g)     Issue the certificate



VI Application Period

a)     Issue the notice of acceptance within 3-4 months after submitted application.

b)     Finish the substantive examination within 9 months after the date of application.

c)     Announcement period of the first trial is 3 months.

d)     Issue the registration certificate about 13months after the date of application.

Note: above all periods are only for your any reference. The specific period is as per handling in the Trademark Office.

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